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Natural, Eco and Simple …… applying into our daily life..... let's start from "CLEANING".


Why handmade soaps are so expensive? Why they can’t be sold as popular as detergent? Why we can’t make our own soap, with suitable recipe for our own skin and at low cost.


SUSOAP Limited is formed, with the mission of promoting handmade soap, by providing full range of raw materials from basic carrier oils to fancy and natural additives, from basic tools like cutting wires to sophisticated design of soap dispenser and stamps. Moreover, we carry out varieties of classes, importing knowledge from Taiwan and worldwide by employing numbers of professional teachers from outside and locally.


SUSOAP is proud to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the competitors with our full range of products and high quality of teaching skills. We strive to go beyond customers’ expectation by constantly generating new ideas, developing new products and acquiring latest skills for soap making, skin cares etc. All in all, we aim to be more natural, eco, simple and be more sustainable in our everyday lives.

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